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Agency Versus "Independent Caregivers" – Caremonk

Independent versus agency? It's one of the biggest questions asked from clients in need of caregiving. While both have pros about each other, they also have their share of cons. The answer at Care Monk is why not offer the best of both worlds for our customers. I will get to this shortly, but first I would like to explain the pro's and con's of independent versus an agency.

When dealing with independent they usually come recommended word of mouth or the more risky approach of finding them on craigslist. Sure they are cheaper by the hour, but the liability is nothing to take lightly. If a caregiver was to get injured in your house, you are responsible, you pay the medical bills, if jewelry or money comes up missing, you lose out, and if your loved one is abused, then you and your loved ones have to live with that. Majority of independent caregivers are uninsured, which in return only effects you and your family every time they come into your house. So sure independent caregivers are cheap, but in the long run is it really?

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Agencies are great because they offer certified, reputable caregivers, that are insured. It is a safe route to take, but it can be expensive. You pay higher hourly rates to cover the insurance, the caregiver and the care agency. The upside is that if something were to happen to the caregiver you would be covered and it is a safe for your loved one. Unfortunately it can get very expensive, especially because most care agencies make the customer commit to a certain amount of hours, so even if you just needed short term help, it may be unavailable to you.

Care monk offers only the best of both worlds, a safe, affordable, online platform that connects the client with the caregiver of their dreams. Care Monk insures and background checks each caregiver before they enter our database for the client to search. This ensures the safety of your loved ones and your family. The best part is we offer our caregivers services at independent rates, which means you spend less and can enjoy comfort knowing your loved ones are in the best hands. Caregiving should not be a expensive and stressful time, it should be easy and allow your loved ones the help they need and Care Monk is here to serve your needs.

What else could care monk do to make their service the best choice for users?
Is using a independent or agency caregiver the best route?
We would love toy hear your opinions and comments!!

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