Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Baby Boomer Dementia Epidemic – Caremonk

Baby Boomers in America are facing a dementia epidemic according to the Centers for Disease and Prevention (CDC) 2011 Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS). The survey states that in 21 states, almost 13 percent of Americans aged 60 years or older reported confusion or memory loss happening more often or getting worse with the last 12 months. One-third of these people reported confusion or memory loss interfered with their work, social activities or ability to complete housekeeping.

The Alzheimer's Association describes Dementia as a general term for a decline in mental ability severe enough to interfere with daily life. Memory loss is an example, and Alzheimer’s is the most common type of dementia. Dementia is not a disease, it is just a term that describes a wide range of symptoms such as: memory loss, communication and language, ability to focus and pay attention, reasoning and judgement, and visual perception. The cause of Dementia is caused by damage to the brain. There is no cure for dementia if has progressed to far, but there are drugs that can alleviate some symptoms.
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According to the Alzheimer’s Association, people 65 and over with dementia is expected to grow to 7.1 million by 2025. This is a issue that is affecting our aging loved ones and you as their caretaker. Their are plans you can take with your loved ones to prevent dementia. The earlier you can detect dementia the better people can benefit from the available treatments. The better people educate themselves on dementia the better they can prevent these conditions from happening. Don't wait until it is to late, get your aging loved ones educated and improve their quality of life.

The Alzheimer's Association has provided a 10 warning signs of Alzheimer'sto allow early detection for you and your aging loved ones. To learn the 10 early signs visit alz.org/10signs

Has any caregiver experienced or is experiencing this disease with their patients or family members?
How does this effect you and how are you handling it?

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