Monday, October 28, 2013

Built In R-Town Article On

We are excited to announce our first article about our company on "Built In R-Town". The website does a great job explaining our company and our mission to offer quality affordable caregiving for families and their sick and aging loved ones.
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Nursing Homes Are Expensive – Care Monk

Nursing homes are private institutions that provide residential accommodations with health care, especially for elderly people. Unfortunately nursing homes are expensive and your aging loved ones do not get to enjoy the comfort of their own home. Sure nursing homes provide food, activities, a room, and nursing employees to take care of their needs, but every year these prices increase, and lets not forget that our elders are losing their independence the day they leave their home.

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Over the past 5 years the median annual cost of private nursing homes have jumped 24% from $67,527 to $83,950, according to Genworth's 2013 Cost of Care Survey, based on data from nearly 15,000 long-term care providers. Bob Bua, the vice president of Genworth says, “ a combination of factors are pushing costs higher”. Expenses like insurance, food, building maintenance and labor and costs are going up and passed along to customers as a result. This issue is leaving elders and families searching for alternative routes to ensure their loved ones needs are taken care of at a affordable rate.

In-home care is the most attractive alternative route to nursing homes for many seniors. A different Genworth study found that 78% of respondents would prefer to receive care in their own homes rather than go to a nursing home or assisted living facility. Caregivers are now the fastest growing job in the country, according to the Labor Department. In-home care offers prices that stay low and quality service that is sure to fulfill the needs of our sick and aging loved ones. Thats why new online companies like are disrupting the health industry by offering our elders their independence back and charging over 70% less for their services. The rise of in-home care is the future and the nursing home will be the past and the future is today.  

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Water Aerobics For The Elderly - Caremonk

Water Aerobics for the elderly can benefit the mind, body and soul. I promise you its not just a bunch of people in pool splashing water around, unless your me because I cant seem to balance myself properly in the water and spend half the time trying not to drown. But enough about me, lets get back to the subject of water aerobics. As we get older things become harder, from cleaning the house to running errands, but there is a way to prevent this and give us the energy and strength we need to fulfill our demands. Water Aerobics is perfect for older people for many reasons and I will get to that shortly after I explain what water aerobics is.

Water aerobics is the performance of traditional exercises while in a swimming pool. The resistance of the water makes the workout feel far more intense, while the water cushions you from the impact. Some classes will use equipment such as: webbed gloves, water dumbbells, and noodles. They are usually done with a group in a class that has an instructor informing the class on what to do.

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Water aerobics is good for older people because it gives you a moderate fitness. Water is 12 to 14 times thicker than air and offers resistance in every direction which can promote great muscle tone, and provide energy. I like to look at it as your staying fit, your prolonging your life and your taking a bath all at the same time. Seriously though, water aerobics allows you to work at your own pace, so you do not get burnt out and it keeps you feeling good about yourself. Nothing makes me happier than seeing other people happy, life is to short to be unhappy. So today lets take a step into the water and swim our way to health victory with water aerobics.

Has anybody tried or do water aerobics, if so what are your thoughts on the exercise?

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Monday, October 21, 2013

Agency Versus "Independent Caregivers" – Caremonk

Independent versus agency? It's one of the biggest questions asked from clients in need of caregiving. While both have pros about each other, they also have their share of cons. The answer at Care Monk is why not offer the best of both worlds for our customers. I will get to this shortly, but first I would like to explain the pro's and con's of independent versus an agency.

When dealing with independent they usually come recommended word of mouth or the more risky approach of finding them on craigslist. Sure they are cheaper by the hour, but the liability is nothing to take lightly. If a caregiver was to get injured in your house, you are responsible, you pay the medical bills, if jewelry or money comes up missing, you lose out, and if your loved one is abused, then you and your loved ones have to live with that. Majority of independent caregivers are uninsured, which in return only effects you and your family every time they come into your house. So sure independent caregivers are cheap, but in the long run is it really?

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Agencies are great because they offer certified, reputable caregivers, that are insured. It is a safe route to take, but it can be expensive. You pay higher hourly rates to cover the insurance, the caregiver and the care agency. The upside is that if something were to happen to the caregiver you would be covered and it is a safe for your loved one. Unfortunately it can get very expensive, especially because most care agencies make the customer commit to a certain amount of hours, so even if you just needed short term help, it may be unavailable to you.

Care monk offers only the best of both worlds, a safe, affordable, online platform that connects the client with the caregiver of their dreams. Care Monk insures and background checks each caregiver before they enter our database for the client to search. This ensures the safety of your loved ones and your family. The best part is we offer our caregivers services at independent rates, which means you spend less and can enjoy comfort knowing your loved ones are in the best hands. Caregiving should not be a expensive and stressful time, it should be easy and allow your loved ones the help they need and Care Monk is here to serve your needs.

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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Medicare For Caregiving - Caremonk

Health care treatments offered at hospitals or doctor's office can be done in home. In-home health care is less expensive and just as helpful as what you receive in hospitals. In-home health care provides treatments for an illness or injury. If you have a loved one that is injured or has an illness, medicare can pay for them to receive certain health care services in their home it they meet certain eligibility criteria
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and if it is necessary for the treatment of your illness or injury. This is called the Medicare home health benefit. offers these benefits through a Medicare health plan. This can be a hard time and very stressful for family members to take care of their loved ones, thats why it is best to let a professional come in to help with your loved ones injuries and illness.

Does anybody have any more information on the subject on medicare for caregiving, we would love to hear about.

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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Baby Boomer Dementia Epidemic – Caremonk

Baby Boomers in America are facing a dementia epidemic according to the Centers for Disease and Prevention (CDC) 2011 Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS). The survey states that in 21 states, almost 13 percent of Americans aged 60 years or older reported confusion or memory loss happening more often or getting worse with the last 12 months. One-third of these people reported confusion or memory loss interfered with their work, social activities or ability to complete housekeeping.

The Alzheimer's Association describes Dementia as a general term for a decline in mental ability severe enough to interfere with daily life. Memory loss is an example, and Alzheimer’s is the most common type of dementia. Dementia is not a disease, it is just a term that describes a wide range of symptoms such as: memory loss, communication and language, ability to focus and pay attention, reasoning and judgement, and visual perception. The cause of Dementia is caused by damage to the brain. There is no cure for dementia if has progressed to far, but there are drugs that can alleviate some symptoms.
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According to the Alzheimer’s Association, people 65 and over with dementia is expected to grow to 7.1 million by 2025. This is a issue that is affecting our aging loved ones and you as their caretaker. Their are plans you can take with your loved ones to prevent dementia. The earlier you can detect dementia the better people can benefit from the available treatments. The better people educate themselves on dementia the better they can prevent these conditions from happening. Don't wait until it is to late, get your aging loved ones educated and improve their quality of life.

The Alzheimer's Association has provided a 10 warning signs of Alzheimer'sto allow early detection for you and your aging loved ones. To learn the 10 early signs visit

Has any caregiver experienced or is experiencing this disease with their patients or family members?
How does this effect you and how are you handling it?

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